Mothers Love To Shop Online For Their Special Day

1. Mothers Love To Shop Onli...

Then again, when don’t they?  Of course by shopping I mean opening up their laptops and paging through a plethora of displays of online shopping sites, dresses, outfits, accessories, shoes and more.  Being able to sit in your easy...
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Supporting Your Mother During Illness

There is nothing more difficult and trying then disease.  Sadly, many people around the country are suffering from devastating diseases, including cancer and surgeries such as implanting a pubovagianal sling.  If you are not suffering, you might know Someone With this horrible disease.  And if it is your own mother, these tips will particularly help you help her.


Emotional Support


There are many aspects of support that you will need to master during your mother’s illness.  One of the most important is emotional support.  Often the biggest trials patients experience during times of trouble are not physical.  Instead, they are emotional.  The pain may be great during this time.  However, the emotional side effects will be worse.  This is where you come in.  As the child, you can significantly help to elevate the mood of your mother.  Sometimes this will occur just by being present.  Other times it will result in your actions.  What you do will make a big difference.  So show your mother support and build her up emotionally.


Pain Management


As her support, you might be in charge of her pain management.  This means it will be your responsibility to work with the doctors and manage her medications.  This is an important responsibility.  And it is one that you need to take seriously.  If you correctly manage her pain, you can minimize a lot of trauma that can come with illness.  Remember that it is difficult to manage these aspects of her care.  You might need to keep a journal and write everything down.  This will help you in your efforts.




Next, work to manage her diet.  Your mom might not have the strength to eat and/or prepare meals when she is sick.  Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to look after her diet.  It is important that she eats regularly and gets the nutrients her body needs.  So feed her healthy meals that will make her feel good too.  Also, make sure she is hydrated.


Take Her Mind Off Her Illness


As part of your support, you might want to come up with ways to take your mom’s mind of the illness.  This will make it easier for her to cope.  Plus, it can help fill time.  Rent movies and watch them together.  Read books.  You might even want to knit.  These low maintenance activities can keep her happy and occupied.


Finally, be patient with your mom and yourself as you work to care for her during her illness.

Don’t Stop at Mother’s Day when it comes to Expressing Your Love

Mother’s Day 2012 is right around the corner but this should stop the average guy from expressing his love to his wife or mother all year long.

Real expressions of love don’t have to be expensive or require taking out multiple loans or getting into credit card debt. All an expression of love takes is a little thought, creativity and the ability to find the right deal.

Day at the Spa

Every mother needs some time by herself and there’s nothing better than treating her to a day at a local spa. A typical spa day costs around $100 and includes things like massage, manicures, pedicures, professional hair color and more. Before planning a spa day for the mother in your life make sure that you know if she will love going to the spa or not because some women don’t like to have other men or women touching their feet or other parts of their body unless it’s their spouse or partner.

Make It a Weekend

One of the best ways to pamper a mother is by treating her to a weekend away from home. Depending on where you live it’s always possible to plan a weekend getaway for under $500 that typically includes airfare, hotel, food and other costs.

Mommies need to get away from home, it doesn’t matter if she’s 30 years old or 60, she’s busy and she will love to get away for the weekend and spend time with you, her partner or man in her life.

Haircut & Pampering

Making a woman feel great doesn’t have to involve going into debt, taking out bad credit personal loans or maxing out your credit cards, one of the easiest ways to make her feel pampered and loved is to take her to a local salon for a day that involves a haircut and other pampering like a manicure, pedicure, massage and more.


Mothers Day is one of the biggest days of the year that flowers are bought because, men and women are typically buying flowers and sending them to their mothers around the world. This shouldn’t be the only day that you should buy mom flowers, you should be buying her flowers at least once a month or more to show her that you still care about her and want to do something special.

Be Spontaneous

Last of all, one of the best ways to show the mother in your life that you still care, regardless if you’re her husband or child is to be spontaneous. Don’t wait until her birthday or mother’s day to show her that you love her. Treat her to special days all year long. Being spontaneous will break the monotony of her daily life and give her something to look forward to.

Supporting Mom in the Most Difficult Circumstances

There is a quip which resurfaces every generation or so. A mother does something embarrassing in front of her children and one of them turns to a nearby stranger, shrugs his shoulders and says: “If it’s not one thing it’s a mother.”

Missing the Point

The biggest problem facing any Mom these days, single or married, is finance. A recent survey highlighted money worries as the prime cause of cross-family friction. Add adolescent and wayward offspring to the mix and you’ve got a major stress fracture.

Thirteen is the birth of independence and the death of reason. From then on you think you are teaching your kids right, but oftentimes they completely miss the point. You thought you were raising well-grounded teenagers, but then you realize they are completely disconnected from reality. Perhaps the police and criminal attorneys are involved. The pressure, on both a Mom’s love and wallet, are never ending.

Stormy Weather

It takes very little to hurl a Mom into an emotional crisis — that’s the way they are, it is just part of the job description. And there are plenty of other things that can pile on the pressure: aging and sick parents, housing issues and redundancy, even personal medical problems. Supporting your mother, whatever the circumstances is the way we pay them back.

Another one-liner claims “motherhood is a shipwreck”. All any of us can do is be around to pick up the pieces.

Skin Rejuvenation Is A Great Mother’s Day Gift

Here’s the thing about getting Mom any kind of aesthetic surgery or treatment for Mother’s Day or any other occasion.  You have to make sure that she asked for it in no uncertain terms.  Offering something like this up without prior approval, suggestion or request could lead to hurt feelings.  You know the bit: “are you saying that I look old, fat, droopy, etc.?” And who needs that? Not you, not me, not anybody, anytime.


What Happens As We Get Older?

Wow!  That’s a loaded question, if ever there was one.  But for the sake of this article, let’s just stick to the fact that gravity becomes our enemy and underlying fat pockets become harder and harder to get rid of.  Surgeries can help to remedy both of these sad situations and laser treatments are becoming more and more popular as well for their noninvasive properties.  In days of old, liposculpture resulted in the appearance of excess loose skin.


These days however aesthetic surgeons can easily tighten your skin after lipo.  In fact with the use of laser fat removal not only is there less bruising and a decreased time of healing but aesthetic surgeons have noticed that lasers can actually result in smoother, tighter and firmer skin.  The reasoning behind this is that the lasers heighten the production of elastin and collagen.  Certainly can’t argue with those kinds of side effects.  In fact, it’s kind of an added bonus.


Two, Two, Two Treatments In One


Okay I stole that from a mint commercial… borrowed is more likely a better term.  But, that’s what the new GPS lipo is all about.  This ingenious fat removal process not only removes the unwanted fat from all the right places but helps to tighten up the resulting loose skin as well.  That’s a ‘can’t lose’ situation… except of course for the fat.  It’s like that old commercial for that doubly delicious minty gum – double your pleasure double your fun.  Oh boy, I’m going to get calls from somebody for infringing on all these catchphrases.  Regardless, if Mom wants those stubborn pockets of fat removed she should have it. And the fact that she can do so without having to worry about loose, sagging skin should be of great comfort to her.


If you think about it you’re probably to blame for some of that sagging skin anyways.  You did after all completely miss-shape her entire midsection and breasts for about 9+ months.

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