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  Are you tired of giving your Mom the same old’ gifts of flowers and chocolates each year for Mother’s Day?  Although mothers tend to show appreciation for their presents, there is another unique way to honor her. ...
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Touching Ways To Make Your Wedding Special

There can be no doubt that your wedding day is as touching a day as you will ever experience. It is a special day that means absolutely everything to you. And whereas you may not think about it, it means an awful lot to other people as well. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and if you have kids already it can mean any number of things to them. Many people today are after all, on their second or third marriage so the kids are already in place with one or both parents. Is there a way to make this day any better than it already is? Strangely enough, yes there is. Here are just a few pointers on how to make your special, ever so touching day even more so.

Joining Religions, Families And Lives

  • As mentioned above, people are marrying into ready-made families more often today than ever before. Maybe it’s a sign of the times. But it does give you the perfect opportunity to add a special touch to your special day. By asking your kids and your soon-to-be step kids to participate in the wedding you are letting them know that they are important and they are a big part of what is happening today. Small tuxes for children and Junior Bridesmaids Dresses can be found online for reasonable prices.
  • While on the subject of stepchildren, vows are very common for the bride and groom. But taking the extra step to make a vow to your soon-to-be stepchildren as a special touch let’s them know that they are not just an extra part of the family but in your heart as you make your promises to them.
  • To some families, religion is a determining factor when it comes to choosing a spouse. But if given the chance, you can make the joining of religions a very deep and all inclusive ceremony with officiating members from both religions performing the ceremony.

It’s Those Little Touches That Mean A Lot

  • You may be familiar with the candle lighting ceremony but you can take it to new heights. After the bride and groom light the big candle together, signifying their unity, the bridesmaids and groomsmen all light a candle of their own from that candle. (Candles were passed out to the congregation beforehand.) Now each of the bridesmaids and grooms step aside as the congregation is invited to come up, one by one, and light their candles off of the unity candle.
  • Make a wedding time capsule in a little box or container of some sort that everyone slips a little something into and it will be opened upon the first anniversary with as many people possible that already attended the ceremony.

And, if you’d like to spread the joy, not just making your ceremony more touching but helping to make your reception more fun, try giving your guests something out of the ordinary to do. Small games at each table such as puzzle games or a mini rock ‘em sock ‘em robots game means everyone can participate at some point or another. Another really cool idea you can do at the reception is have a Wedding Family Tree displayed for your guests to look at.  There are a lot of really cool ideas to explore on Pinterest in this genre, from hand painted pieces of art to photo collages, you could really take this idea and make it unique unto your family.  There are great resources online if you are needing more info on your family tree and genealogy records.

Other Ideas Include:

Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Wedding Rites and Rituals

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Skin Care that Makes Mom Feel Like A Star

You’re a mom and your schedule is out of control. You find very little time to care for your skin, even though you know you should.

Look And Feel Like A Million Bucks

Celebrity skin care products, such as those promoted by Cindy Crawford, can not only make you feel like a star but help you look like one as well. Now Cindy Crawford has never had a problem being beautiful; that’s a given. But she does promote a skin care product that has not only helped her maintain her youthful appearance but improve it as well. Possibly Halle Berry is more your style; well you’re in luck because she too has a skincare regime that can make moms, sisters and even grandmother’s feel like a celebrity. Liftderma could be what you have been looking for to keep looking young or you could also explore the fountain of youth by trying HGH Supplements.

There’s Always The Spa

If you really want to feel like a celebrity, go for a facial, a massage, or other beauty treatment at a reputable spa. Here you can receive skincare or body treatments befitting a true Hollywood Star. You don’t think that all those actors, actresses and singers actually do all of their own skincare treatments do you? Puh-leez.
A quick search on line will enlighten you as to many celebrity skin care treatments used by today’s famous faces.

Help Mom With Weight Loss Struggles



There will always be a debate on who has the hardest job in the world. Some people might say a physician and others might think it’s a construction worker. There are at least a hundred other job descriptions that could easily be in contention for that championship title. Arguably, however, the one job that so frequently gets ignored in these contests is the one that people see every single day. Motherhood. Moms seem to never stop working and they always feel that their job is never done. And it’s not!

Even when they run out of energy they never stop. There’s just too much left to do. What if a Mom is trying to lose weight, while pushing through the day’s never-ending tasks of keeping her family fed, dressed and on time to school? What then? Should she stop eating just to look good? That wouldn’t be very healthy for her. Is there anything she can take that provides plenty of nutrients and at the same time helps her lose weight? Maybe there is.

Weight Loss Programs And Supplements

While not all supplements are healthy, one that is drawing attention lately is the goji berry, which comes from China and southeastern Europe and has become one of the world’s most popular weight loss supplements in the last decade. It not only aids the body in losing weight, but it supplies it with natural amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals. Goji berries also have solid anti-oxidant properties and naturally occurring polysaccharides, which help maintain normal blood sugar levels and enhance people’s feeling of well being.

Juicing is another popular weight loss program at the moment. Everything healthy and nutritional goes into the juicer and out comes a wonder drink of vitamins and minerals that is easy to sip on, while working around the house.


Of course, diet and exercise, those two dirty little words are still the standard for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. It doesn’t have to be an Iron-woman program. It can be as simple as just asking Mom to take a walk everyday, with you. The quality time will enhance you relationship and the slower weight loss results will ensure that she keeps it off.  Of course, joining a gym or work out facility together is also an option if you need a little boost and accountability.  Places like Denver gym, Vital Strength and Fitness, combine intense training sessions with balanced nutrition coaching to get you into peak physical condition.


Mom And Overwork

If your Mom or any Mom you know is overworked, pitch in a little. Take some of the workload and relieve a bit of her stress. She’s the one that is at the helm of the most difficult job in the universe. It’s also one of the most responsible and important jobs. She gets up early and she stays up way past everyone else’s bedtime. She doesn’t do it for herself – she’s doing it for you.


It’s because of her, that we have clean clothes and food on the table. It’s because of her, that we make it to school on time. It’s because of her, that we brush our teeth and shower so often, (even if we don’t want to). Where would we be without Moms anyway? We know the answer to that, don’t we?


So, after you do the dishes for your Mom or the Mother of your children, if she still wants to lose weight to look good for you, discuss a a diet regime that your are willing to support, so that she can reach her goal. Who knows, you may lose some of that unwanted poundage too.


Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Losing Weight After Baby



Every Pregnancy Is Different

Are you pregnant?  Congrats.  You have a lot to look forward to.  Although being pregnant can be overwhelming, Pregnancy and Parenting are two of the most rewarding aspects of a woman’s life.  Enjoy the process.  Remember that every pregnancy is different.


Weight Gain


One area that many women are concerned about is weight gain.  During pregnancy you will want to gain the right amount of weight.  It is common for women to worry about gaining too little or too much weight.  Try not to overstress about this issue.  Weight gain varies for all women during pregnancy.  You could gain more than your friend did or less.  Just make sure you are healthy and that your doctor approves of your weight gain.




Additionally, sickness is a major concern among pregnant women.  Morning sickness is common and most pregnant women suffer from it in some form.  Keep in mind that this area of pregnancy can also vary.  It’s hard to predict exactly how sick you will get or if you will get sick at all.  In addition, morning sickness can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.  Sometimes you will get sick during your initial pregnancy.  Then, when you are pregnant again, you will be just fine.


The Birth


Finally, the birth is the culmination of your pregnancy.  You will spend 9 long months anticipating this exciting event.  Remember that births are different for each person.  Some people have an easy time during labor.  Others are not so lucky.  It is often hard to predict what your birth will be like.  The best thing you can do is relax, be patient, and enjoy the journey. If you experience more problems after birth, look into Essure.


Enjoy being pregnant.  It is an exciting time in your life and there is so much to look forward too.  Try not to compare yourself to others.  Instead, have an open mind and remember that every pregnancy is different. And lastly make sure you are prepared for your new baby. Read this review to find your perfect jogging stroller.

Are you caring for an aging parent during your pregnancy and need a little extra help.  For ideas, visit

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